Cape Town: Where to GO & What to SEE!

8 Dec, 2016 | By Nomvelo Chalumbira | 4 mins read

The festive season has truly begun. People are moving at a more glacial pace, the morning rush and afternoon traffic is becoming more bearable and soon-to-be non-existent. YAAS, I cannot wait!


Understanding that the 45min travel times on the road all year long are NO JOKE, I’m mostly looking forward to granting my brain a leave of absence and enjoying chilled festive December vibes. Okay, not really, but like many, I SURE DO feel like we deserve this break.


One of the undoubtedly beautiful places to visit on this planet is Cape Town and, like many who’ve been to Cape Town a few times, the activities become repetitive and too familiar. Have you ever had the feeling that, once you’ve visited a place more than twice or three times, it becomes more like ‘home’, losing its initial exciting appeal? Like, sort of a ‘been there done that’ kinda deal?


Having discovered new experiences and places for the first time during my recent Cape Town visit, here a few spots and activities I think would be cool for you to try out if you are ever in the 021 this December:

Arnold’s Restaurant – Kloof


A low-key restaurant on Kloof street in Gardens, Cape Town, Arnold’s has a mountain view terrace that serves a variety of foods including burgers, seafood and tasty ‘local is lekker’ game dishes. If you’re feeling adventurously curious, try yourself some tender-tasty crocodile meat or perhaps a rack of warthog ribs. I wouldn’t rate these meal options the most finger-licking dishes on the menu, but that’s only because I’m not the biggest carnivore – not every beefy bite is for everyone. I did, however, have a bewitching basil pesto pasta. That enchanting dish literally had me craving more the following day. Arnold’s Restaurant – an utterly awesome ‘date night’ hangout.

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Although Arnold’s is best known for their breakfast meals, the eatery’s setting and location are just right to create that intimate baecation ambiance – the sweetest of escapes to enjoy a night of romance during a perfect festive getaway. Photo Cred:

The next time you’re looking to start your day with egg’s done just right, coupled with a scenic setting, Arnold’s is thee place to be. What’s even better is its location. After selecting and grabbing a bite from their extensive menu, you’re a healthy stroll away from Long Street, where you can burn off those calories grooving the night away.


Spier Wine Farm




The Spier Wine Farm is a lovely wine estate located in the Stellenbosch Winelands. This is the perfect location to enjoy great company whilst sipping and toasting to some of the best vino South Africa has to offer. The Spier Wine Estate has great wine tasting packages to choose from – even if you’re not sipping ‘Dom Perrignon’ style, there’s something for everyone.


Growing grapes and making wine since the early 1700’s isn’t the only thing that makes the Spier Wine Estate a daytime event winner, however. It’s the village-style buildings, lush green lawns, and magnificent views that make the Estate a truly breathe-taking go-to spot in Cape Town. I, myself, can’t think of a better way to spend a warm summers day sipping wine immersed in nature and good company.

The Spier Wine Farm – a botanical breathe of fresh air with some liquor to ease you into the holiday mode.


<Don’t forget to order/bring a picnic basket and some sunblock before sitting back and wining out>

Shisa’Nyama eKasi


There is nothing like some tasty braaied meat and cold ones to celebrate and enjoy a beautiful summers day. One of the best ways to experience this is at a shisanyama ekasi <in the township>.

For some of us, hanging out in the kasi is not a daily routine so it can be a bit of an experience for first-timers. I went to a shisanyama called Kwa-Skhoma in Gugulethu. This was my first time eGugulethu and it was quite a fun one. Kwa-Skhoma is originally a butchery, which they’ve now extended into restaurant turn up spot. It’s quite a busy atmosphere inside, with customers ordering their meat exactly to their liking, complemented with speciality sauces, spicy chakalaka, and fluffy pap and rolls.

Outside is quite the party. There’s a DJ warming up the dance floor with kwaito beats and other local tunes. The great thing about the shisanyama is that you don’t have to be from ekasi to blend in.


There’s a mix of Gugs locals, Capetonians from all sides of the mountain, and curious tourists – all gathered to get with the groove and enjoy freshly braaied nyama vibes. Photo Cred:

The more popular one is the obvious Mzoli’s, but if you’re looking for a more authentic, less commercialised, non-pretentious setting, where it’s all about the food and vibe, I suggest finding another shisanyama.

Regardless, a shisanyama in Cape Town – A MUST on your ‘to-do’ list during a visit.