5 Apr, 2018 | By Leslie Makotoko | 2 mins read

The question needs to be asked now. And answered. And the simple answer for those who aren’t into lengthy and critical discussions is yes. Khuli Chana has gone from being the Mostswako originator from Morafe to being the king of the new game in the new era of SA Hip Hop and here’s why.

For starters obviously as already mentioned he’s one of the custodians of arguably the most important sub-genre of SA Hip-Hop, Motswako, along with his other crew-mates from Morafe and other emcees coming out on the North West and Botswana. Jabba man himself gave Morafe their name and they are part of the early bloomings of the genre.

His Solo album, Motswakorginator is a SA cult-classic and earned him major recognition. It earned him best newcomer at the Channel O music video awards and song of the year at the Hype music awards for club blazer Tswakstickem. It also won him a SATMA (South African Traditional Music Achievements) award for best vernacular Hip Hop album.

In 2012 Khuli Chana finally dropped the most anticipated album of our era, Lost in Time. The album solidified Khuli Chana as a classic album maker and hitmaker at the same time, completely out-lapping possible rivals to the throne at the time such as Tumi from the V. With a solid album consisting of hit-singles, the artist came back with such a well-synthesized body of work that finally got Hip Hop serious attention. With Lost in time, Khuli is the only rapper in the game to have won a SAMA for Best Rap album of the year, Album of the year and Male artist of the year all in one night. He was literally the biggest male artist in the country across genres, a first time for SA Hip Hop and a major door opener for the game. The album won countless other major awards at the South African Hip Hop Awards and the Metro FM music awards. No other Rap album has achieved this since.

In 2016, after a semi-hiatus from releasing any music, in true Khuli Chana Style he released an EP in collaboration with Swedish vodka house Absolute. The EP, One Source, tore up the creative world and earned him a gold Cannes Lions and two Silver Lions, another first for an SA rapper. Furthermore, he’s at the helm of a creative movement the brand is fueling in SA with franchises like One Source Live. The success of his own franchise, Maftown heights lends to his credibility to be the perfect fit or the job. His collaboration with fresh new talent on the scene for the One Source project is keeping his a new and relevant as when he started off in Morafe.

Khuli Chana’s been killing it in SA music for a while and he keeps getting better and accomplishes feats no other rapper has. That’s why he’s the king of SA Hip Hop.